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From groundbreaking audio production consoles to innovative personal studios, Solid State Logic are the world’s leading manufacturer of creative tools for music, live sound and broadcast.

Studio grade consoles

It started way back with the iconic 4000 series, and professional studios the world over continue to use SSL consoles for tracking, mixing and mastering. Whether it’s the premium Duality δelta or mid format AWS δelta analogue consoles, with built in DAW control and delta-Control automation, or the new ORIGIN pure analogue console, we make the consoles that make today’s music hits.

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Music production and mixing is in our DNA - it’s what we do.

SSL mixing consoles are iconic studio classics. When it comes to professional music tracking and mixing, we have been delivering consoles that have helped create more music and sound track hits than any other console brand. It’s in our DNA, and this heritage has culminated in the latest range of analogue and digital studio consoles and outboard processing that continue that legacy.

“It seems as if SSL has maintained the parts of the legacy that make sense in the modern day in terms of audio and functionality. The layout seems very logical and familiar. The routing is very flexible and intuitive. I can’t wait to get to mix something on it.”

John McBride, Blackbird Studio


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