AVN | SYS provides professional design + engineering services for audio, video, networks, and smart solutions in a wide range of industries. 

We create, integrate, and scale solutions and experiences for artist studios, commercial studios, education studios, and classrooms, corporate, architects, construction and development, government, fitness & health, hospitality, and restaurants, as well as residential customers. 

Below are the current positions we are looking to fill:

We pride ourselves as advocates for our customers. We protect the elegance of our designed solution and integrate functional and scalable systems, commanding all components into a sonic ecosystem.

AVN | SYS is a dynamic, global organization employing career-minded individuals who are accomplished in the areas of acoustics and architecture. We are regularly seeking additional employees and invite you to submit your resume, below, for consideration. Please contact PK Pandey for more information.


Project Management

Position available for project managment. Plan and schedule engineering, installation, and subcontracting activities on large and complex systems.

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AVN | SYS Careers
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