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API 1608-II Console the Choice for Five Towns College

API 1608-II Console the Choice for Five Towns College

MARCH 2019; JESSUP, MD: API is pleased to announce that Five Towns College in Long Island, NY has taken delivery of a 32 channel 1608-II console. The console sale was facilitated through the expertise of PK Pandey, owner of AVN | SYS (avnsys.com) in Boston, MA.

Five Towns College reached out to AVN last year to start discussions on a console for their B room. AVN recommended the API1608 as the perfect tool to help them scale their program. The timing was perfect, AVN | SYS provided them with one of the first production units of the new 1608-II.

Five Towns College is renowned for its music, media and performing arts programs, with notable alumni including Adam Levine, Wyclef Jean, and Joe Satriani. It comes as no surprise that a college with such a track record should choose a recording console from a company with a reputation to match. API’s new 1608-II console, released in the fall of 2018, expands on the hugely successful original 1608 console, which was delivered to over 600 studios and educational facilities throughout the world in its ten-year run.

Established 50 years ago, Automated Processes Inc. is the world leader in analog recording gear and features the Vision, Legacy AXS, 2448, 1608-II, and THE BOX recording consoles, as well as its legendary line of analog signal processing equipment. 

CREATE | INTEGRATE | SCALE: AVN is a technology company with over 25 years of experience in the audio, video, and networking industries. With this long history, they create a functional concept, implement the solution, and provide continued support for their clients.


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