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AVN | SYS launches a new brand

We have over 25 years of experience in the audio, video, and networking industries. We can create, integrate, and scale the experiences our customers seek.

Over the last years, we have expanded into new sectors, including educational studios and classrooms, restaurants, along with fitness & health. We have elevated our end-to-end offerings by including new solutions, like smart home and offices, lighting design and control systems, entry and security systems, home, IMAX and Atmos theaters, conference rooms and offices, networks, wiring, and Wi-Fi, as well as voice, video, and messaging. Our services include acoustics, smart av systems, optimization, support, and project management. The synergy between our solutions with services provides our customers with a comprehensive one stop shop.

In light of our continued evolution and recent rebirth, we needed a new brand that represented our creativity, experience, and scalability.

Our new identity and logo represent the meters of a mixing console, the trilogy of our tagline ‘CREATE | INTEGRATE | SCALE,’ and the evolution of your studio and experience being constructed and morphed into a scalable solution.

We published our new brand across print, digital, social, and new video marketing channels. The new engaging and cohesive brand included a new identity, color and type palettes, letterhead system, signage, video, social, messaging, content marketing, documentation, and website design.

We have elevated customer engagement with our new succinct brand, empowering our team to communicate and collaborate across the integrated platforms.

Our goal was to create a new website that was inviting and engaged our customers, all while demonstrating our differentiators, solutions, and work. It provides cohesive messaging, is SEO friendly, and integrates into key social media destinations. The experience allows customers to quickly navigate between our solutions, services, and work, with related content linking solutions and services to our successfully launched projects. The customer can sort solutions and our work by industry and leverage the robust columnized menu system that lessens the number of clicks to compelling content.

With our new our taxonomy and cross-marketing strategy, customers can easily find a solution they may be looking for, while discovering additional solutions to complete their project. We can adequately manage the experience via a powerful CMS platform with a drag-and-drop interface. We can scale the site, regardless of skill set, with new content marketing and publish private content and documents unique to each customer login.

Our differentiator is our unique, hands-on approach, to discovery and requirements gathering. We facilitate and manage elegant designs into functional and scalable solutions. We take careful consideration of all aspects of your project. Ideation is where we spend more time, where costs are lower, iterating the perfect solution for you and your customer’s needs.

We take the design concept confidently into construction, as we have identified risk, and recommended the perfect solution, before installation.

Our recommended solutions are sound, as we have tested the unique pieces of the offering and formed them into a functional foundation that offers long-term, scalable, value.

It is essential for us to maintain our relationships and make a win-win for all. Our partnerships are based on solutions that are delivered on time and within budget, enhancing the lifetime value of our customers. We thoroughly document our deliverables and train our customers on every aspect of our solution, promoting scalability and success. We want to support our customers.

Our approach is customer-centric, we want to support our customers and create, integrate, and scale.

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